First-of-its-Kind Website and Mobile App Help You Take Control of Exposure to Most Common Illnesses Spreading Right Now

Doctors Report™ Illness Tracker™, Driven by Data from Almost 1 million Doctors’ Offices Nationwide, Available via App Store, Google Play and Amazon

Pittsburgh, PA, February 7, 2018 – Knox Spencer Associates, LLC, has announced its release of a new website and mobile app that give users access to doctors’ reports from across the nation so that they can personally manage their exposure to common and potentially serious illnesses by tracking where they happen and when they are happening. The website and app, called Doctors Report ™ Illness Tracker™, is available as a free download via the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. It is also available at the company website,

Because it comes directly from doctors’ reports (with all personal information removed and “de-identified”), the information is accurate, timely, credible and accessible. This disruptive website and mobile app puts the most current, reliable information on current spreading health risks in the pockets of millions thanks to its simple, intuitive and trustworthy data – actual data from doctors’ reports generated in almost one million doctors’ offices across the country. Users can instantly find out where the most common and prevalent infectious health risks exist right down to their zip code.

The Doctors Report app is powered by the same data that health providers and others have used to understand and analyze outbreaks of contagious diseases and other spreading health risks. The Doctors Report website and mobile app allow users to track the following diseases: flu, flu A, strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, mononucleosis, common cold and cold symptoms, sinusitis, croup, Lyme disease, otitis media or ear infection, MRSA, RSV, and gastroenteritis.

“The Doctors Report website and app is for everyone, from parents of young children trying to avoid illnesses like strep, or senior citizens and people with chronic conditions like asthma, who try hard to manage their exposure to health risks, to just someone planning a business trip or a vacation,” said Knox Spencer CEO and Doctors Report creator Dan Shaw. “Doctors themselves can benefit by having ready access to fresh information they can use to advise patients.”

The Doctors Report website and mobile app platform is powered by the same data stream that flows from doctor visits nationwide. That data stream is characterized by diagnosis codes that are automatically processed by the Doctors Report proprietary platform so that users can find out what common health risks exist where they are and where they are going.

Thanks to the Doctors Report website and mobile app, users can find out where the flu or MRSA, for example, is strongest in their own towns, or in the places they plan to visit in the coming days, and they can break it down by age group: infant; toddler; school age; teen; college age; adult; and older adult.

“Let’s say your son or daughter has a soccer game this week,” said Shaw. “You can use the Doctors Report website and app to find out if MRSA or flu has been diagnosed and how significantly in the zip code where your child is scheduled to play.”

“What excites me the most about Doctors Report is that, together with their doctors, I know we’ll be helping to keep people healthier, keeping workspaces and schools healthier, and possibly helping people to avoid serious illnesses like the flu,” said Shaw.

The Doctors Report Story

A lawyer by training and experience, Dan Shaw had an epiphany a few years ago while planning his vacation. Like so many, he found himself checking the weather repeatedly as me made decisions on how to pack and what to do. But after spending one vacation down with the flu, he wondered what is vacation might have been like if he had been able to check for common illnesses with the same kind of scientific reliability and data that was behind those weather forecasts. The idea behind Doctors Report was born.

About the Doctors Report Website and App

Doctors Report is a new website and app, powered by data from almost one million doctors’ offices nationwide. The data from doctors’ offices is cycled automatically and continually so that it is as fresh as seven days or fewer. Doctors Report tracks 15 illness categories. Additional health risk categories will be added. The geographic accuracy of the data can be narrowed to zip code and broken down by health condition. For more information on the website and app, visit

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Contact: Tim O’Brien