I am in a severe area for a number of illnesses. What should I do?

First of all, your doctor or health professional should be your guide to prevention and treatment. The Doctor’s Report website and app is one tool in your larger health management regimen with your doctor as the keystone. Our answer to staying well is to strictly observe your doctor’s instructions, stay Informed with the Doctors Report Illness Tracker and follow the Doctors Report Prevention Steps, which are geared to the specific level of risk of the severity level for illnesses you are tracking. Also remember that you can catch an illness even when your area has a low severity level. So maintaining good prevention steps and symptom awareness - and following your doctor’s directions - is always the right approach.

Where do you obtain your information? Is it reliable? Can particular patients be identified?

Our information is powered by a national database which provides near real-time diagnoses by doctors. Almost all doctors and health care providers contribute to this database. Our data is drawn from over one billion patient visits each year. All of our data is “de- identified” which means there is no information which links the data to individuals and so privacy is strictly maintained. Severity Levels are based on historical comparisons. On timing, we report data which is a few days to a week or so from the patient visit and more data for the period is added as it comes in.

Should I listen to the CDC?

ABSOLUTELY. Most of the illnesses we track are not specifically tracked and routinely reported by CDC on a near real time basis. However, CDC does report on influenza for example, often with state or regional reports. Most importantly, CDC has a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience with influenza and infectious disease. The CDC serves a critically important public health role. Listen to the CDC! And check your neighborhood’s status with Doctors Report Illness Tracker. You no longer need to wait for a public health crisis to get information you can use to help avoid exposure and stay healthy.

How can you tell if my area is high risk for an illness? I live in a densely populated area and it would make sense that more people might be ill at any given time.

Doctors Report uses a patent pending formula to analyze the illness data, which has been carefully developed by Doctors Report statisticians and public health experts. Our focus is on continuous improvement in the quality of that data and our delivery systems. In our research, we have not found any similar tools from others that are based on the kind of reliable diagnoses of doctors and analysis that you find on our Doctors Report websites, apps and news feeds.

What if I want to report when I have an illness, can I notify Doctors Reports for their database?

One of the major differences between Doctors Report and any other health app is that we do not rely on information from people who may self-diagnose and voluntarily report their conditions to us directly or via social media. Our app is solely and completely reliable on the medically accurate, timely, credible data that comes directly from about one million doctors’ offices nationwide.

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