Quick Facts about Conjunctivitis

Quick Facts help you to understand conjunctivitis or pink eye but are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by your doctor

Symptoms  - from a virus or bacteria, eye irritation, eye redness, grit or crust on eyes, itching or burning eyes, cloudy vision, pus or mucus 

Transmission - highly contagious from others with conjunctivitis or pink eye or from one infected eye to the other

Prevention- Use Doctors Report Prevention Steps with attention to hand washing and care when touching objects used by someone affected. Ear infections or colds may lead to conjunctivitis. Wash pillowcases, towels and other materials touching the face and eyes. Those affected should not use swimming pools.

Treatment - See doctor especially for infants. Bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye may be treated with eye drops to control the infection. Soothing treatment with clean, moist towels may help (washing such towels after use). Some symptoms may be caused by sensitivity to chemicals or foreign matter, and  removal of the offending matter relieves symptoms. 

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