Otitis Media (ear infection)

Quick Facts about Otitis Media (ear infection)

Quick Facts help you understand ear Infections but are not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by your doctor

especially for children, look for tugging or pulling at ears, crying or upset in small children, trouble sleeping, sometimes fluid draining from ear, problems with balance, trouble hearing; see your doctor or pediatrician

may be caused by virus or bacteria; may originate from a cold or other infection of the throat, adenoids, sinuses or tonsils; watch infection from smoke, and other children and the surfaces, toys and tools they may handle

see Doctors Report Prevention Steps, including limiting contact wth other children who are experiencing cold symptoms; smoking may be one source of infection; receive flu and other vaccinations as recommended by your doctor

the doctor may prescribe antibiotics in appropriate cases; age appropriate treatment for pain as authorized by your doctor or pediatrician; rest, fluids

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