Quick Facts about RSV

Quick Facts help you understand RSV but aware not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by your doctor

Symptoms include cold like symptoms such as cough, congestion and low grade fever; for infants and the immune compromised, symptoms may be more severe and include bluish skin color, labored breathing, nasal flaring, wheezing. Complications for infants and young children may include pneumonia and bronchiolitis, an infection of the small airways of the lung 

As with other viruses, infection may originate from contact with others with the virus and with the surfaces they touch. Take precautions to prevent infection of infants and others who might be immune compromised and more likely to be affected

Follow Doctors Report Prevention Steps;  those with cold like symptoms should avoid contact with infants or the immune compromised; avoid exposure to tobacco smoke; avoid crowds when RSV risk is high

While mild cases may not require treatment, see your doctor if symptoms are severe or for infants and the immune compromised. Your doctor may require hospitalization for serious cases. 

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